Why Choose MerrilyMarry.com…

Aadhar Verified


We verify the Aadhar numbers of the members so you would have the extra option to explore only the Aadhar verified profiles.

Mobile Verified


We verify all the mobile numbers given by the members so you can rest assured that all the profiles are valid ones.

No Pesky Calls


We never make any pesky calls that would put you off. But at the same time we are at your service 24 *7 if you need any help or clarity.

Complete Privacy


You will have the option to browse the profiles in in-cognito mode and also to show your profile pictures only to the paid members.

Something About MerrilyMarry.com…

MerrilyMarry.com is an online matrimonial portal which aspires to give you an easy-to-use and highly safe and secure matrimonial website. MerrilyMarry.com is an all fresh and new matrimonial site with thousands of very recently added profiles so there is going to be no hassle of browsing through the maze of all invalid profiles.

For us the security and privacy of the members are paramount and that’s the reason why we provide Aadhar verification in addition to mobile verification which gives the members an extra option to prefer only the Aadhar verified profiles which no other matrimonial site offers at this juncture. And that’s the reason why we say we care a bit extra for your security and privacy. On top of all these our rates are quite unbeatable.

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